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Training programs include public speaking, presentations, media skills, coaching for performers, executive training, cross cultural training and international business etiquette

Public Speaking

Training for campaign speeches, keynotes addresses, motivational speeches, commencement addresses & other individual speeches

  • Choose a theme and develop preparation skills
  • Analyze and define your audience
  • Establish immediate rapport and engagement
  • Stay friendly and conversational, no matter the size of the venue
  • Get in touch and express your passion for your subject matter
  • Inspire and engage your audience


Prepare for creative pitches, marketing, sales & team presentations

  • Develop techniques for fast, clear organization
  • Key your presentation to the needs, concerns and goals of the audience
  • Delivery: be natural, relaxed and engaged with your audience
  • Cope with surprises, accidents and snafus
  • Create an environment conducive to your goals
  • Learn brilliant techniques for winning the day with Q&A

Media Skills

For executives, writers, performers and all those who need to tell a story through televised media

  • Relax in front of a camera and speak naturally
  • Learn what to do with your hands, where to look and how to appear real in an unreal setting
  • Learn how to handle interviews, answer questions and respond to challenges on the talk show circuit
  • Become an effective and dynamic spokesperson for your company, your idea or a public issue

Coaching for Performers

Should you win a Golden Globe, Academy Award or any other artistic accolade, we can help you respond with distinction and authenticity

  • Entice the audience with the passion of your created work
  • Converse with a sense of humor, a dash of humility, and use the ability to laugh at oneself to engage empathy
  • Target the purpose of your appearance and keep to your key points
  • Create a memorable and unique message rather than a shopping list of thank you’s that leave no lasting impression
  • Get a head-start on an important role or audition with private coaching

Executive Training

One-on-one training to help you build high performance teams and give you the “un-spun” feedback that every CEO needs, yet seldom receives

  • Brush up and refresh your public speaking in a confidential and supportive setting
  • Engage the media
  • Resolve conflicts in the workplace through enhanced communication skills
  • Motivate and inspire your teams, staff and co-workers
  • Learn how to give constructive criticism, set goals, express clear expectations and empower your people to offer up their best

International Etiquette

As the world grows smaller in many ways, there remain many cultural nuances and customs

  • Research international cultures and customs
  • Learn how to select key customs and courtesies
  • Dine at diverse tables
  • Learn greetings, gifts and goodbyes around the world
  • Feel at home away from home
  • Become culturally appropriate in your communication and correspondence
  • Tune in to other cultures with curiosity, rather than fear